Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pictures of our last recording session

Rebecca ready to record our last week of sessions!

Sarah and Pam

Todd who has faithfully recorded well over 900 sessions for us!

Rebecca and Lydia

Each of the ladies contributed to a thankfulness basket for Todd and his wife

Todd recording what Women in the Word meant to him over the last few years.

You won't want to miss it as Todd and the ladies share today and Friday all that God taught them over the years of studying and recording!


Sue said...

Thank you so much ladies, I am so thankful for the ministry of Women in the Word. I've only been following you on the radio for the past year, and not very consistently until I found the mp3 files I could download and listen to when I missed the program on the radio. I have been so encouraged and so blessed by your sharing and discussions of God's Word. Such deep rich and at times very challenging discussions, I will miss very much. I'm planning to download all the MP3 program files as I've gotten used to listening while at work and now I can catch up on your previous recordings! I know God will bless you all as you move on to the next thing that He has for you - I know you will always be women in His Word.

Sarah said...

Thank you Sue for your kind and thoughtful comments:) We are blessed that the program could be a blessing for your life and many others! So glad you can listen to past programs through the archives. Have a wonderful day!
In Christ,